Sunday, August 06, 2006

Splurged On

To be honest, the weekend found my Baby and I engaged in a series of petty fights... one of those things that inevitably happen when there's such disconnect during the week (due to his weird hours and my illness).

Still, Jojo let me splurge on groceries and also bought tickets for the Smackdown Wrestling Event this October (so I can scream and drool and go ga-ga over Undertaker!!!). And... while at the MoA kanina, he bought me another bag-full of Kopi Bun and... this:

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Bop It Toy (?)

The highest scorer is me... but only at 21 because I really have poor hand coordination. Now hubby's mock-threatening to miss work tomorrow just so he can master it. :D

Oh and if all goes well... we might be buying our first car (second-hand) this month... and uhm, missing Palawan in October for something bigger in November.

If all goes well and it's really written in our fate... :)

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