Sunday, August 13, 2006

Babies and Beginnings

My Baby's loan application was granted, so we were able to get our first car within the week. It's a blue Isuzu Hilander and it's our new precious!!!

Meet Baby Maxime (photo taken at my in-laws' home)

The first name I thought of for the car was actually Suzy (since it's an Isuzu) but my BIL's ex was named Suzette... and then I thought of naming the car from someone from Harry Potter and Jojo decided on Hagrid's girlfriend, Madame Maxime, since it's a big car.

All weekend, we've been playing the song compilation from our wedding while riding Maxime :) And of course, we can't wait to embellish it and accessorize it and just really make it our own. Of course, we still have to save up for a spare tire for it (it's spare was stolen) and buy all the required tools. And of course, we'd have to really rationalize our spending now that our disposable income has been greatly diminished. But still, the vanilla packet hanging by the dashboard, the newly-installed back mirror and the scrounged-up 12-CD changer/player/whatever have all marked it as ours :) And MIL is so sweet as to give us towels and sponges for the car... and FIL also gave us a jack for it. (Actually, the 12-CD something was given by BIL in exchange for a new radio for his car since the 12-CD something isn't compatible with what he's driving).


One of hubby's friends got married last Fridat at a beautiful ceremony at St. James the Great Parish in Alabang. We wish them nothing but the best!

Mark and Sujee

Oh and by the way, Sujee is actually a wedding supplier... a make-up artist :) She actually has a lot of w@wie clients :)


It was nice going home again to my in-laws again yesterday (Saturday). My siblings-in-law all fell in love with the BOP IT toy, even my parents-in-law tried playing with it. And it's great that they'd be laughing at each other as they have a go at the toy :)

Chin (SIL) bought a pirated copy of SUKOB and we all watched the movie at their living room... some of us asking questions (coz we didn't quite catch the dialogue), some cowering under throw pillows, some distracted by the sounds Baby Iya was making as she tried catching our attention. We feasted on KFC, and lots of viands FIL bought upon learning that we're staying the night, and the guavas I bought.

Anyway, our niece Iya is just amazing! She likes sour stuff! At age 6 months, she's not yet really supposed to be eating mamon (at least, if you're to follow the usual pedia's advice of only almost-liquid cerelac-type of food) but she actually loved sucking on the guava I bought. And what's more, despite the initial sour face she gives upon tasting anything sour, you can actually feed her calamansi! Anyway, here are her more recent pics... and you can see pics of her being made to suck on guava (we squeeze calamansi on the guava, ahehe).

If that isn't enough, here is a video of BABY SOURFACE :)


While trying to share my weekend high with the family I married into, my hubby's busy compiling songs to burn as wake-up music while driving... tomorrow, we'd have been together for 6 years and 5 months :)

I love you, Baby!

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