Friday, August 25, 2006


I didn't grow up poor. We're middle-income as both my parents worked, we owned our home, we need not worry about tuition fees and there was always food on the table. Aside from that, my parents had savngs, insurance and owned land.

But my parents, hardworking people from poor and large families, raised us in simple living. They could have afforded to buy us the latest crazes and purchase hi-tech appliances but that wasn't ther cup of tea. But again, we never really went without.

They raised us right in the heart of Manila... in Paco, Manila to be more specific. It was convenient because we're close to everything and Mom usually gets reassigned to different field offices so it helped living in the center of the metropolis. So, I am a Manila Girl through and through.

My Baby on the other hand, though not filthy rich, lived a more sheltered/privileged life. He grew up in a village in Las PiƱas (BFRV), they've always had cars, they have a resthouse, he studied in La Salle Zobel. So when we got together, I introduced him to more of Manila than he was used to seeing.

And then we got married and my parents offered the use of the apartment house beside our home... which was convenient for Jojo and I, being newlyweds and not having to pay rent... and convenient for my family, because I was able to monitor my siblings and Pyro's treatments.

At first, it was really hard for me to watch my husband deal with everyday living in Manila, dodging kids playing on the street, dodging dog and poo and drunk men. He told me it was hard for him too, but that he's taking it as a challenge to strive to earn more and take me out of there.

Then, we were finding it harder and harder to commute to my in-laws... and feeling bad when they go out of their way to bring us home on Sunday nights (something they did without complain so long as we'd visit, because they like having us around). Parking has always been an issue where we live but we couldn't deny ourselves anymore... so, enter Baby Maxime.

But parking is still a problem. And since my Baby has been working odd hours, he went home yesterday very much fatigued... only to be woken up 4 times by neighbors who were asking him to park Maxime elsewhere because they supposedly have first dibs already on the street (though technically, nobody owns the street and it should have been a first come, first served basis seeing that its public property). Worse, one of our neighbors (legendary for her lack of breeding and kindness) had the temerity to diss my family in front of our other neighbors... and call my brother (who drives my father's Big Horn) and my husband (who drives Maxime) squatters where parking is concerned.

I could have confronted that whale of a woman... but it would have been pointless. Like what I said, her reputation as a difficult, obnoxious woman is legendary. But of course, she shouldn't let me hear her abusing us personally because i've never been one to 'suffer in silence'. Anyway, hubby and I are weighing our options and avoid the many hassles of owning a car without having a garage. Needless to say, it looks like the chances of us looking for another home will be happening sooner than I expected.

And I really felt so bad when my Baby commented that nobody has ever referred to him as 'squatter' and sighed. Awww. But good man that he was, he didn't let it bother him for long... and we proceeded to tickle each other for a good two hours last night. :)


We've decided, after weighing everything, that we'd have the Palawan trip over Halloween.


May my check-up tomorrow yield more informative results... and explain the rapid weight gain despite my exercising and dieting efforts.


I have been negligent lately on bloghopping, forgive me girls!

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