Monday, September 04, 2006

Semen Analysis

Over a week ago, my Baby and I returned to my OB for a follow-up check-up and see if I do have PCOs or not. It turned out that I just really have some weird hormonal imbalance but my uterus and ovaries are all ok... except for a growing cyst in my right ovary.

My OB advised me to get a THS test first to rule out any thyroid problems. My Baby offered to get a semen analysis done so that we can also rule out any problems on his part.

My darling husband was a little careless with his prescription... and ended up leaving it at the dresser in his old room at his parents' home. MIL called us 2 days after to tell him that she found something lying around his old room...

That was kinda embarrassing enough.

But of course, rather than return to BFRV qand get the prescription... Jojo decided to just get another one from the clinic where he's going to have the analysis. He asked for the schedules of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. One already had clinic that time and so, he went in.

The doctor looked at him, looked at his chart, looked at him and said, "I'm an OB" Hubby smiled and said, "I know po"

The doctor repeated what she said... as if trying to gauge if my Baby knew what an OB was. Hubby then explained what he needed, and the doctor lit up with the realization.

She later advised Jojo to ask for a urologist next time. :)

It was pure torture for hubby to be wanking in some clinic, where people also kept knocking as all clients share the CR. After filling his cup, the nurse/receptionist kept asking him about how long he had to masturbate, and if he was able to get everything in the cup, etc. which left Jojo all the more mortified.

Suffice it to say, my beloved was a little traumatized by the experience. But at least now we know that he's as healthy and normal as can be.

And that I actually have an overactive thyroid... and will be getting a RAIU Thyroid scan tom so we can determine what treatment will be best for me.

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