Sunday, October 01, 2006

We are FAMILY!

Life has been hectic and all kinds of emotional for me lately... but the love of my husband, who is now my main family, has remained constant. And really, though we'd have our tiffs and petty fights, it has been the greatest 9 months of my life.

Heck... when he joined me and my colleagues last weekend for a swimming despedida for our section chief who was transferring to another agency... I got teased about how sweety and PDA-driven we were. :)

Anyway, I have also been busy over planning trips my Baby and I are taking this October... as birthday gifts to ourselves. Originally, we only intended to have that Palawan trip... but since i'm being sent to Davao this coming week, hubby decided to join me for a weekend there too.

I did want to get our immediate family members together for my birthday... and since am leaving on the day itself, we decided to have it the Sunday before. So Jojo's entire family (parents, siblings, in-law and niece) and my entire family (siblings, nephew, cousin and 2 sabits) gathered at Seaside Macapagal for lunch today.

Can one say SEAFOOD FEST? :D But I was too overwhelmed that we were all there together so I forgot to take pictures of the food :D And actually, my 'guests' had more pics since I was, as usual, in-charge of the cam.

We just basically spent lunch time teasing our siblings, cooing at the babies and feasting on the seafood. Jojo's family brought me the latest cake offering in Red Ribbon and Pyro loved it! Iya also got her first taste of fish today (crispy fried tilapia) and her first Java Rice.

And they all sang me happy birthday... and made me blow a candle :)

After that, we decided to go to Mall of Asia since most from Jojo's family haven't gone there yet.

And because the food places there were full... we went to Aristocrat at Remedios Circle for dinner (this time, treat ni FIL!).

I had so much fun and I felt so much love... and happiness that I was with loved ones... so I just really feel so thankful!

My Baby gave me new silver hoop earrings and an mp4 player to replace my 1-yr old mp3 player that got broken. He's really the sweetest thing, because he already filled the mp4 player with my fave pics and our wedding songs playlist. Haaay...

Count the fact na we have the Davao and Palawan trip ha... and the Smackdown tickets... and every sweet thing that my Baby has been doing for me...

I am so blessed.

And it's really so great to have found love and to have love in your life (and I can't say all these things because of good times alone, because hubby IS always there in the bad times too).

And Baby, I can't think of a greater thing than turning 29 with you as my husband! (though it's actually the first birthday i'd have in 6 years that I won't be spending with you)

Sigh. I'm gonna miss him. 3 nights of not sleeping beside him, not being able to smell his scent and feel his warmth... haaay...

Tell me, who could possibly resist this KULIT a man? :D

Ok fine, am in love and happy. :)

I think his family will be joining my family (with cousins and all their kids this time) for an overnight swimming in November naman for his 30th birthday celebration :)

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