Monday, May 28, 2007

Baby Stuff (so far)

Two lines on a home-pregnancy test kit (of course, like any woman out there, I had to have more than one test done!) changed hubby's world and mine forever. Not only did it bring us the usual (or not so usual) pregnancy blues and joys, but it really rattled us to rethink many times how prepared we were, what things we can and should do, and how we'd handle the usual (and not so usual) stuff that parenthood brings.

Anyway, we're still hoping that May was the worst of it... and it'd be a breeze from here onwards. I'm also bent on staying OK so I won't be deprived of shopping for more maternity wear (I honestly don't like dresses, but the way Jojo looks at me in one is enough reason to change my mind...) and baby stuff.

So far, we only have the following:

The baby sling was Jojo's Anniversary gift for me last March. The purple towels with the cute little lambs on it were from Jojo's cousin. The digital ear thermometer (with the Cold Pack Bear freebie) was something I asked my sis to buy for me in the US (which my Mom paid for... and which reads temperatures in Fahrenheit, wehehe, I forgot to caution my sis about that) since we couldn't find any here. The yellow cap and socks were things my sis bought for Baby Sac secretly (because my Mom was being very superstitious about buying stuff before the baby is actually born). Actually, even my MIL is being superstitious and doesn't want me buying cloth diapers and onesies just yet...

But everyone has been asking us to tell them asap the baby's sex. So chances are, we'd be getting a lot of blue or pink stuff (only a few people know I prefer yellow and green and orange).

Jojo and I really wish for a firstborn son. Hubs isn't ready yet to deal with another moody female, and I just really fantasize a lot about having a mini version of my hubs. It's actually kinda bad because if we do have a son who looks so much like him, then am sure to fall more in love with both (and that's bad because i'm bound to be at their mercy, wehehe). But most people actually believe am having a daughter... who am sure we'd love just as much. We really only wish for a healthy baby... and a 'normal' one. But if fate would rather challenge us with a child with special needs, Jojo and I are one in saying we'd rather raise such a child.... than end up having a criminal for a child someday. Wehehe. But seriously, moreso now that am going to be a parent too, I cannot imagine how i'd take it if i'd have to face another parent someday whose child my child really hurt/took advantage of.

The morbid things expectant couples think of :D

I've digressed. Anyway, I vow to not let our house get as cluttered with toys and what-nots... may I have the discipline to resist the urge to buy everything that would look cute on a baby, or everything that lights up my child's eyes.

And tonight, i'll have a talk with hubs again about how he shouldn't get so impulsive in buying toys. He already has this grand dream of getting our child a Lego set with bluetooth (plus, you can programme the robot's actions once it's built)... and he just told me yesterday how he's always dreamed of starting a matchbox collection with his kids.


Oh, a friend also gifted us with a 2-gig hi-speed SD card... for my digicam, in anticipation of the many pictures we'll be taking once Sac is out.

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