Friday, June 01, 2007

Sick Baby and Misc. Kwentos

Not Baby Sac... but my orig baby, Jojo. He was running a fever two nights ago... and it was upsetting because I couldn't really take care of him and he couldn't sleep beside me because I can't catch what he possibly might have.

Still, the makulit me kept on taking his temp (bwahaha, twas fun using the digital ear thermometer... it came with a lot of protective caps naman so by the time we'd use it on Sac, it wouldn't be contaminated by us adults) as he tossed and turned...

His fever broke soon enough and he's pretty ok now, except for a stuffy nose. I myself have itchy throat sometimes. And everybody's sneezing in our household... must be the rains threatening us all with colds. Howell.

But at least, my hubby gets to sleep beside me again. It's such a bummer not feeling his warmth beside me...

Must be love indeed if i'd rather have him stealing my bolster pillow while sleeping... than have all the bed and the pillows to myself.


Twas Jojo who's been antsy about getting an air-con unit ever since we found out we're pregnant. I'm honestly not yet ready for the impact it will have on our electric bill so am willing to forego the luxury till the baby actually arrives (and I figured, since Sac is coming out during the ber months, we may postpone it till summer of 2008 pa)...

Anyway, we finally bought a window-type unit (Gree) at Duty Free last weekend for our bedroom. And hubs came home tonight with a split-type second-hand unit he got from the office. So now, we're air-conditioning our living room as well :D Naks. Good luck with the expense :D

But I really don't intend to raise my child so used to air-conditioned rooms... i've observed that they develop colds more easily because their bodies have a harder time adjusting to temperature changes (like once they play outside). And am not at all averse to just letting a child run around in his diapers at daytime. :)


Poor hubby. This year has found him missing his weekly 2-bottle nights with his colleagues... and he feels so out-of-touch with them. He feels sad about it because he's always believed that hanging out with them has made his role as Technical Manager easier. He even missed their company outing to Boracay (because I just got out of the hospital a week before).

I'm mostly the reason why he missed his gimiks... because of the difficult pregnancy (plus the nights when i'd have crying jags over missing Py). I do tell him sometimes to go and have fun, reminding him that it'd be harder and i'd need him more once the baby is out... but good husband that he is, he'd go home as soon as he can.

But he's out tonight :) His colleagues are boozing somewhere in Nakpil and I egged him to join them. I hope he has fun and get to unwind... his curfew is 3:00 AM :D

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