Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Short-lived happiness

Day after Mother's Day found me writhing in pain due to LBM. Worse, I compounded the problem by choosing to suffer the pains instead of hightailing asap to the ER. I was thinking of the expense, the hassle and the trouble of going through confinement again.

I was not being a good Mom. And I still ended up in the ER because the LBM-pains triggered contractions and chest pains. And I spent another five days in the hospital... it was acute gastroenteritis that resulted in my electrolyte levels dropping. I also had to spend some six hours alone in one of Madocs' labor rooms as they monitored my contractions.

It was really a trying time... both Baby Jojo and I were just still exhausted from the previous confinement, and there were several times when our communication lines broke down as we struggled to deal with our fears and the exhaustion.

And I just really got too tired... depressed... hay, words can't describe how low I felt.

But... we got through it. There were several lessons to learn, and several SORRY's to say, but we got through it.

Now, we're staying with my in-laws here in BFRV... for hubby's peace of mind... and am relishing the sort of dance happening right now in his home, where his Mom and Yaya are regalling me with stories of his childhood... sort of like passing on the torch of information to me.


Hopefully, i'd be a better Mom from hereon. And thank God that Sac continues to thrive... no more tocolytics for me lang, since my heart can't tolerate them anymore.

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