Sunday, May 13, 2007

HaPpY MotHer'S DaY

I still have my MIL's text message to me last year, thanking me for my mother's day greeting to her... and comforting me about a just-discovered hormonal problem (possible thryoid problem) which we assumed was making it difficult for me to conceive.

That was my Mother's Day then. This is my Mother's Day now... pure delight for the first time over my pregnancy, because we've noticed my belly is now really round (albeit smaller compared to others since I haven't gained weight still). I can't lie on my tummy anymore because of my bump, and I can now caress my tummy without feeling TH.

Yes, i've seen and heard Sac's heartbeat many times... but weirdly enough, am only just 'feeling' the pregnancy. Talk about smiling all the time and just bursting with happiness.

Sac... our eldest... he/she will make parents out of us... a Mom out of me. So I thought it fitting to celebrate the eldests who made mothers out of truly wonderful women.

Baby Jojo, my darling of a husband, has made me cry and fall a thousand times over in love again with him... because of his gift: The Little Big Book for Moms. It's filled with fairy tales and recipes and lullabies and all other wonderful baby stuff. And he couldn't know but when he was telling me that he was finding me all kinds of cute singing to Sac while caressing my belly, the lullaby's lyrics (Hush Little Baby) could be found in the book he bought for me!

He also bought a book for himself: She's Having a Baby --- and i'm Having a Breakdown. Hehe.

It feels like our wedding day... you know, the best day of my life.

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