Wednesday, May 09, 2007


When I was still active in NGO volunteer work, one of the staff nurses advised us young ones never to get pregnant without a husband. She told us that we'd need a husband to hold our hand during the labor and delivery pains, and help us put our panties on when we can no longer bend from the waist, etc.

Not terribly romantic romantic of her... but very practical. Ahehe :)

Anyway, everyone knows that am having a rather difficult pregnancy. My OB advised me to have myself admitted in the hospital... explaining that we've been rather conservative with my unexplained spotting problem and it's time we take a more aggressive course of action: Isoxsuprine hydrochloride drip.

So I had myself admitted at Manila Doctors at 1:00 AM last Friday. Some contractions and spotting (resulting in increased ml/hour drip) and then chest pains (side effect of the Isoxsuprine) extended my hospital stay till Monday.

Hubby didn't go to work Friday, Monday and Tuesday (to help me get settled, and instruct the maid on how to take care of me). I think he was even more exhausted by my confinement than I was... having to work at the hospital while I rest, and having to wake up from the little rest he gets to un-plug my infusion pump and help me to the CR (they suggested the use of bedpans but I was adamant against that, hehe). He'd buy me merienda, cheer me up with jokes, sit by my side so I can smell him and make lambing, hold me when I cry, etc.

When we realized that I couldn't wash my privates on my own, we actually laughed nervously together... knowing we'd come to a point in our lives when we'd have to do such acts of love, but never dreaming it would be required so soon. Thank heavens for a bidet though... and use of my right hand. But really, my Baby was a trooper.

And everytime the doctors and interns will come around to monitor the baby's heartbeat using a Doppler ultrasound, i'd see my husband's face relax, and his eyes light up, when Baby Sac's heartbeat is found (found, kasi he's super likot... and never in the same area).

I felt guilty about the unexpected expense (we spent some P14k at the hospital, less P4k from Philhealth, and plus P4,500 for doctor's fees aside from the medicines amounting to thousands which i'd have to take till my 20th week) and the stress my condition is putting on hubby's shoulders... and always, he reminds me that this is what loving parents do: everything to save a child. He'd also be honest about being stressed, but he assures me that it will never mean he won't go through hell for me... for us.

I'm really, really lucky to be so loved. And i'm really, really proud to have chosen such a loving man.


Baby Sac is ok. My cervix remains closed. Despite every precaution i've taken, I was still found to have UTI. They also found an endometric (?) polyp which may be causing the bleeding. Anyway, it's all monitoring and prayers from here... but i've passed the halfway zone. With God's will, we'll be fussing over a baby ball in 4.5 months' time.

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