Tuesday, June 26, 2007

7 RanDoM FaCtS AbOuT Us

I was tagged by sister Abie and decided to put a teeny spin on this meme. :) First, am not going to tag anybody anymore (because I move in the same blog circles, chances are, my blog friends have been tagged already too)... and second, i'm posting seven random things about Jojo and me (actually, these are some of the trivia used in our wedding).

1) Mec and Jojo met online (mirc, dalnet, #dilaan) one March Saturday back in 2000. Jojo thought Mec was gay (because of her nick, DELISYUS). They exchanged numbers that same night and spoke on the phone till morning.

2) Jojo is the first bf Mec watched a sunset with. That was also the first time they broke up (23 June 2000).

3) One reason Jojo was looking forward to getting married was so he can start sleeping in the nude. It turned out that not only would they both be sleeping in the nude (or half-naked), but that Mec would also be mostly clothes-less at home.

4) Mec and Jojo's first visit to Boracay was a trip Jojo won at the Pinoyexchange Survivor Contest. They were there for 5 days. Jojo's Pexer nick was ONETIMER. Mec's is DELISYUS.

5) Jojo once made a newsletter-type love letter for Mec, complete with headlines about the "I Love you Virus", etc. Mec retaliated by making Jojo calling cards with job titles like "Belly Dancer" and "Tantric Specialist".

6) Jojo originally wanted two kids, Mec wanted 7. They have compromised at 5, este 3. But since Mec has had a rough time with their first, she says she's willing to settle for only two if her second pregnancy gives her a hard time too. Now, Jojo teases her a lot about giving her seven kids, and impregnating her asap (as in, when Sac is only two months old).

7) Having mostly spent for their wedding in 2005, and admittedly, not really having savings, the couple honeymooned on a staggered basis all of 2006: Marinduque (Jan 2006, at the Arevalo Family resthouse), Cagayan de Oro (March 2007, mainly to go white-water rafting), Davao (Oct 2006) and Palawan (Oct-Nov 2006). Sac was not conceived in any of those times but they still had great fun. And they will make up for not going anywhere this year in 2008, with Sac in tow.

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