Friday, June 22, 2007

LaCtO GeNeRo

I have already finished the Little Big Book for Moms... and several other books (mostly novels). I also didn't expect it, but am almost finished with What To Expect (gosh, that chapter on Labor and Delivery is so exhausting to read, lolz). But really, I haven't really been reading TO Baby Sac (read: regularly and out loud). I've found it too tiring to be reading out loud... ahehe.

I'm just banking on the hope that the fact that am reading books anyway will still somehow make him smart... and hello, kami naman ni Jojo ang parents :D Add to that the fact that most kids ARE bright naman (it's only when they hit age 7 or so that they start losing interest in learning) and most firstborns are REALLY BRIGHT :) Wehehe.

So there, am excused :)

But... I have finished the first Harry Potter audio book... and intend to finish all six audio books before I give birth. It's just that the first book is about ten hours long (so good luck sa Order of the Phoenix book, hehe) and I found it also distracts my sleep (because I played it overnight, while I went to sleep) because I also respond to the story. I also intend to re-read all six books in anticipation of the seventh :)


My preggy friend Tin reads Harry Potter to her daughter (she's due August) too. Our friends kidded us that our kids' first words might be HP incantations...

like Expecto Patronum :D

or that the infant will shout EXPELLIARMUS so that the doctor will be disarmed (with what, his forceps?)

or that we should have our husbands shout ACCIO instead for an efficient delivery of the baby from our vagina to his hands :D


I googled a Latin-English dictionary for a loose translation and come up with what I think my own Sac will say:


Produce milk :D

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