Thursday, June 14, 2007

FrEaKy WonDerFuL

For the longest time now, I have been slightly anxious about the fact that I haven't yet felt Baby Sac move. Esply since some Moms, even with their first pregnancies, have felt their babies as early as just past four months (and am now going on six!).

And it's a common enough question asked of somebody pregnant... if you've felt your baby move.

I have felt slight flutters... but since I had some gastric problems and movement problems, I couldn't really say if what I feel comes from the baby or not.

So, silently, I kept praying for a positive movement. Something I cannot confuse with anything else.


Yesterday, my sister spent some 2-3 hours just caressing my tummy (we call it 'meme') as we talked about her duty experiences as a nursing student and our weekend at my in-laws.

Hubs asked me if I wanted anything as pasalubong and I asked for Hawaiian Pizza from Greenwich. After eating three slices though, I felt a weird heartburn-like something so I laid down and let my hubs meme me while watching CSI (he also massaged my temples because i'm sick, colds and allergic rhinitis).

Around 10:36 PM, during a commercial break and while Jojo was caressing my tummy, I asked him if we should already be worried that I still haven't felt movement yet.

He said NO.

I then asked him if he thinks that Sac is OK and there's nothing wrong with him. He said YES.

And then it happened... a very tangible movement (inside, it felt like a small balloon popping) which I saw and felt... right under Jojo's hand!!!

And though it felt like a gas bubble, it was the first time I felt such a thing... and part of my tummy actually moved!!!

At first, I couldn't believe it but hubs was already laughing like a lunatic that it finally happened... and his hands were actually on my tummy when it first happened! :) Syempre, we were beyond overjoyed!


This morning, I woke up (couldn't really sleep deeply because of my cold) to movement again... I told Jojo about it but Sac has stopped (it's so kakakilig to see your hubs' face all-sleepy suddenly lighting up and touching your belly to feel your Baby again). After an hour, when I was touching my belly and wondering if I should already eat breakfast... Sac kicked again. The first time for me to feel the movement with my hands.

Hay. Ansaya.


My MIL was so thrilled (because they've been waiting for it too) that Sac has finally manifested that he/she is alive and thriving :)


My sister was as equally happy. She commented however that it isn't fair that Sac didn't move while she was meme-ing me... I told her maybe it's because we were talking about how Jojo's likely to really spoil our child... while all she kept telling my tummy was how she'd bathe Sac (and maybe Sac will have an aversion to bathing). Wehehehe.


Part of our vows goes something like this:

(Jojo)These are the hands you will place with expectant joy against your stomach when God blesses us with a child, the same hands that will be so gentle when I hold our baby for the first time.

Sigh. Isn't it grand that I never needed to direct my husband's hands to feel our baby move for the first time, because he was destined to be holding my belly at just the perfect time?



Syempre am super happy :D It sorta takes away from the fact that am house-bound again because am sick...

Sac... thank you for the anniv (we celebrate anniv dates on the 14th and 28th) gift... and the Father's Day gift. :)

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