Thursday, June 07, 2007

Push Incentives

I believe it's already been established how very loving and supportive my husband has been. But I must acknowledge it again and again because he's just really sweet...

He came home last night with new push incentives (gifts, big or little, to make my pregnancy a little easier, and to make me look forward to the birth): White chocolate baking chips (because he's noticed that i'm slowly getting my appetite back), milk pellets from Thailand (courtesy of his engineers) and this pregnancy belt to help support your back (because i've been saying there's that ngalay feeling half the time).

And like any other baby/pregnancy thing we got... he was the one who opened the pregnancy belt (and yes, he tried it on himself first... but it couldn't encompass his tummy, wehehe).


He's bought me a boomerang-shaped pillow already for back support (which can double as a nursing pillow after i've given birth). He actually wanted to get me a Back 'N Belly pillow but figured it would just take too much space when we don't need it anymore. He even bought me my own table to put my laptop on so I won't have to get up from the mattress (when we were still camping downstairs because I was on bedrest) anymore if I want to check my mails... or when am eating my meals. The table could double as a study/activity table for Baby Sac someday :)

Basta. I could not be more pampered :)


I did kid him about getting me a push present (gift given as a reward of sorts after giving birth) like what celebrity dads do. Wehehe. But he was quick to tell me he couldn't get me an expensive jewelry anymore because my confinements cost us and we still have to save for the baby's delivery (and also make sure we have actual savings for this year).

I told him to be creative and resourceful and inventive... and reminded him i've never been a sucker for baubles anyway.

Actually, i'm hoping it'd occur to him to get another ruby stone for the engagement ring he gave me (I lost the heart-shaped stone that made that ring perfect around 2 months ago) because my right hand is really missing wearing that ring. Other than that, I really can't think of a material thing i'd want (oh, except for his promise that we'd go travelling again next year, kid in tow). He's push incentive and present enough because I just know he's going to be a really wonderful Dad.


Not yet Father's Day and already, am senti-mushy about how much a father Jojo already is.


I'm still no voracious eater, btw, but my taste buds are being more cooperative. Unfortunately, what I love is CARAMEL (caramel sundae, caramel cake, Milky Way, Hershey's kisses with caramel) and MAYONNAISE (on white bread, with tuna or egg or chicken as sandwich spread). I try to control the portions because I really don't want to press my luck where gestational diabetes is concerned...

Sigh. What to do with this Milky Way on my desk?

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