Monday, June 18, 2007

HaPpY FaTheR's Day, My LoVe

I still don't really have a gift for my husband... and the two mini-surprises I planned got delayed. Both really beyond my control... esply since I got sick last week.

And as luck would have it, I had to spend the weekend with my sister instead of my husband... since Jojo had to work (and is only arriving from Quezon tonight). So yeah, you can just imagine the weepy wreck i've been for the past weekend.

I was unable to finish this last week (because I was doing it here at work) and I had to quickly finish it this morning (because it's late already)... but I still hope my Baby will like it.

Because really... one of the main reasons I married him was the fact that I could always see him in the role of father... and fathering MY kids.

One can also download the movie file from here.


Had to have ultrasound last check-up because I wasn't gaining weight (at 6 months, my weight is the same as when I got pregnant!) and all the movements I was feeling were below my belly button.

Sure enough, Baby Sac was in breech position... which isn't really a cause for worry this early. At least my placenta isn't low-lying anymore. (My cousin, due this July, is placenta previa na, transverse position pa yung baby!)

But Baby Sac is small for his age nga... and my OB, being the vigilant type that she is, instructed me to take additional vitamins and go for a high-protein diet... and i'm to go for another ultrasound again to check if the baby has responded to the beefed-up nourishment.

Oh... Sac wasn't 'facing the cam' during the ultrasound and absolutely refused to budge and err... spread his legs :D My OB said, "it looks like a girl" but again, we're not sure :D

But despite our slight preference for a firstborn son, I was tickled pink na din when hubs texted, "How are my girls?" :) We're starting to use the Girl Baby name we've picked but I have some silly reservation about that pa din, feeling we'd only confuse Sac (who's probably gotten used to being called Sac) by calling him some other girl name... tas boy pala :D

Kadiri si Sac... galaw ng galaw while I was watching THE BUZZ :D So, baka nga girl? :D

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