Sunday, September 23, 2007

Effacing Well...

... but nowhere near dilated.

Baby Jowjow (who's been more stressed than I was the past week over possible probs with Yakee) and I are breathing more easily now. Yakee scored a perfect 8/8 in his BPP (measuring his heart rate, muscle tone, movement, breathing). Except for the presence still of the high amniotic fluid, the OB couldn't find anything that's really cause for concern. She reviewed the CAS results we had last July and said that since no anomaly was found then, chances are that Yakee doesn't really have congenital problems (esply since she explained that congenital problems seldom appear as just one anomaly, it's usually a syndrome... many symptoms that, once one of them is picked up, will direct the sonologist to look for the other clues, so to speak).

She did point out that the CAS could have included measurements instead of just check signs to indicate that there was no anomaly seen (which means that though Perpetual Succor offers cheap congenital anomaly scanning, we might want to go to a bigger hospital next time for the same procedure). Good thing she personally knows who performed the CAS and knows her reputation to be very good.

The level of amniotic fluid didn't increase (it even decreased a teeny weeny bit) while Yakee slightly grew (his balls, specifically). The OB also decided that my OGTT results are still ok despite a slightly elevated sugar level in the 2nd hour, but she's still going to treat me and monitor me as if I have GD (so i'm going back for another check-up and ultrasound on the 27th, I have to avoid sweets and control my food intake, I have to keep walking and monitoring the baby's movements, and also watch my BP). At least I need not consult with an endocrinologist just yet...

Meanwhile, friends have taken bets as to when Yakee will come out, to amuse me and take my mind away from all worries.

Hubs, on the other hand, is considering changing Yakee's nickname to Boybets (Boy Betlog) in honor of his huge balls. :)

I feasted on sweet chili crabs (courtesy of my loving hubby) but limited myself to one whole crab lang... ahehe. Good thing Yakee didn't react negatively to the crab nor the chili.


Hubs and I are really thankful of friends... who heard our anxieties out, who gently chastised us for worrying too much... and who also offered silent prayers for us.


Baby Yakee... Mammie admits that she's getting major INIP na, but know that her heart's (and your Pappie's) only desire is for you to be a healthy and happy baby... we know you'll come out when you're ready. And no matter what happens, you are loved.


Can I just say, too, that I am invoking my family's history of being able to give birth, even to big babies, vaginally? I really don't want a CS!!!

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