Saturday, November 17, 2007

It's a... Father!!!

Actually, am sure that thirty-one years ago... the doctor attending to MIL at UST Hospital shouted, "It's a BOY!!!" to announce my in-laws' firstborn son.

That colicky bundle of joy is now my husband and my son's father.

I am ashamed to share that I do not have any gifts for him, not even a card. See, I didn't have time to buy anything... and if truth be told, I simply lack the energy for anything.

But my husband as a father made me fall in love with him more, and proved how right I was to choose him to be my life partner. My husband as a father is both someone i've always known was there, and someone I never knew he could be.

Fatherhood has made him a greater man... I doubt very much that parents start out wondering what kind of parent their children will turn out to be, but I know my husband is currently making his parents proud.

And I hope someday, Yakee in turn will thank the heavens above and celebrate the day that God gave his Pappie to the world.

Happy Birthday Baby... you know I love you very much... may you always know that and may I always show it. Here's to your health and the realization of your dreams...


He doesn't have any recent solo picture...

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(and as to the mismatched beddings, blame it on Yakee!)

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