Monday, November 12, 2007

Sad Truths and Silver Linings

This would seem like am airing our dirty laundry out... but since i'm not going into details, I guess I could be excused pa din.

Anyway, there are no words to describe how painful it is to grow up... and realize that parents you've put on a pedestal are mere mortals... worse, when the hero you've always wanted to emulate is actually a person you wouldn't want to become.

Such is the case of my husband and I... where our fathers are concerned.

It's equally shattering to realize that your parents' marriage isn't what you thought it to be... and isn't something you want to end up in. Hubs and I sometimes look at our Moms and wonder how beautiful, intelligent, loving, caring women could be so taken for granted by their husbands... and then wonder how we (the children) are tarnished by these fathers.

Hubs worries that I, or my Mom, might think he'd end up like his father.

I worry i'd end up like my father.

But I just take to heart what MIL said... that hubs has a part of her too. I have a part of my Mom too. And I did say that our mothers, though not without faults of their own, are wonderful people, right?


Our parents are not without love for the persons they married. But I think they didn't have what Jojo and I have... we weren't forced by circumstance or whim or some cold, practical motivation in marrying each other. We remember our parents having happy, sweet times... and are scared that those have stopped.

I just hope Jojo and I continue loving each other better. I wouldn't want Yakee to wake up one day and see his parents wanting to be free of each other.

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