Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Nifty, Thifty Gift Idea

I still feel sad somehow that am not shopping for and wrapping up gifts for anyone this year... am actually tempted to last-minute shop but given my energy levels and our budget constraints, it would really be unwise to do so.

But of course, I had to give myself something. Aside from buying parenting books on sale (for the family well-being) and different-brand wipes (just because), I also bought myself this bag from SM Baby Company.

It only cost P99.95 and holds eleven 6R-sized pictures (if you have the picture developed at Fujifilm, it'd be P7/picture).

My sister wants one... and we've decided i'd also make one for Mom. Isn't it a great, really thoughtful gift idea? That is, if you have hundreds of pictures of someone/someone else's child...

As a tote, it will do for a year at least... or two. The pictures aren't protected at all though.

Anyway, I can't wait to use this bag!!!


And here are the digiscrapped pics I included there:


btw, SIL said that the bag isn't durable at all... so prolong its use by not putting heavy things in it

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