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Holidays 2007

This will be brief as I am really sneezing my head off, running my nose down and coughing like crazy.

We had a very busy Holiday. None of it spent buying presents or wrapping gifts. We were just busy. Mostly, I tried to steal away in the afternoons to get IDs and certificates and grocery shop. There's even this one time that we major grocery-shopped, I got depressed with the bill. Ahehe.

Dec. 15, we decided to brave the crowd at World Trade Center and check the Christmas bazaar. Most of the clothes on sale were expensive. Anyway, we were all just getting irritated by the heat so we hung out at the Precious Moments kiddie area and feasted on sausages. And the only thing we bought at the bazaar? Schublig sausages!!!

Oh, we also bought Yakee a tunnel gym... which he'd probably use when he's already crawling already.

After that, we decided to get away from the area as Star City and MOA crowd were causing major traffic. We had dinner at Pantalan Restaurant overlooking Manila Bay instead.

Dec. 21 was Christmas Party day at my former office and at hubs' office as well. Yakee attended both since Pappie Jojo's party was at night. My former colleagues all fussed over Yakee, who wowed them by smiling at anyone and everyone.

They were marvelling at his neck control, usually not yet that strong at just 2.5 months. A colleague, who is both a father and gym buff, took it upon himself to prove just how tough baby Yakee is by turning him into the Helicopter Baby. And heaven bless my weird baby for he loved it!

That night, Yakee didn't mind the noise of the band Jojo's company hired for their party... he's mastered the art of tuning noise out by sleeping, hehe. And hubs was sweet, he wishlisted his ka-Monita to give him something for Yakee instead.

Hubs had time to drop by SM and buy this Fisher Price infant-to-toddler seat for Yakee too. I guess i'll just blog about Yakee's furnitures in another post. :)

Dec. 24 we went to Lipa for Noche Buena with my nieces and nephews. It wasn't as cold as I expected so Yakee in a frogsuit was enough for warmth... but as soon as we entered the Church for Midnight Mass, the elders all had something to say. Not only were they not content that a hooded blanket was around Yakee, they were even clamoring for the electric fan to be turned off.

Sigh. Forgive me but I was really not liking the priest for being so winded with his tales because both I and Yakee were sweating profusely... and I was thinking it would be worse for Yakee to be filled with sweat when we go back out into the night after the Mass.

Jojo lined Yakee up to be blessed by the priest though. And he didn't mind the noise of the Noche Buena feast... he even played and played till 2 AM. Howell.

Dec. 25 we went home to my in-laws so Yakee could get smothered by kisses and love. We mostly just ate and opened Yakee's gifts, most of which were toys he wouldn't really appreciate for another year or so, and clothes. His loot could fill an entire plastic chest, like his cousin Iya. I guess that's the blessing for us, we need not spend on toys and accessories for Yakee for a while.

Dec. 27 was Py's death anniversary, but nobody wanted us to bring Yakee to the cemetery, esply as it was raining, so we just went to my SIL's home. My darling son just pooped and slept and fed the entire time.

Dec. 28 was our second anniversary but hubs had to work because he already missed work the day before. To celebrate, though, he brought home a mocha cake for me (since it's the only cake I like these days) and tuna sashimi and some maki (yeah, I know, them together seems kinda gross). As thanksgiving too, we sent all the kids staying with us to Star City while our family spent a quiet night in bed.

Dec. 30 we went to Lipa again to bring my niece, Ela, home. Then we went home to Las PiƱas again. I helped out some as MIL made apple pie and chicken galantina for us.

Dec. 31 we attended Mass with my in-laws and enjoyed pizza with the chicken galantina.

January 1 Happy New Year! Yakee didn't mind the racket of the firecrackers at all. And he also mostly slept during the day while hubs' maternal cousins were about. We did visit Nanay, hubs' maternal grandmother, before going home here in Paco. Nanay said Yakee looked like hubs. :)

It doesn't sound much when blogged like this but the Holidays was physically and emotionally exhausting. My nose is still dripping from my allergy attack since Christmas which is why we're spending the weekend sa quietly as possible. I've also put hubs in charge of Yakee since I had to take decongestants and antihistamines already... good thing i'm able to pump milk at will now so Yakee can miss a direct feeding from me sometimes without going hungry.

Although hubs says he wouldn't mind Yakee getting drowsy too from getting some of the decongestant from me. Hehe. He refuses to be put down again... not sure if it's another growth spurt thing or it's his way of dealing with all the Holiday stress.

Anyway, there is no doubt that the New Year holds much promise and adventure for us. After all, we have a child who will be learning to eat and crawl and walk and talk...

And all we can really wish for is good health for him. Of course, for us too... but we love him best.

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