Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Better Caring

One of the things hubs and I constantly talk about is growing old. Ideally, we intend to have a retirement fund and home ready for us so we won't be burdening our kids who might have to take care of us.

Then again, sometimes we also consider the possibility of living in nursing homes, with care options and care experts, since we cannot pretend to know for sure that we won't require specialized care. Considering the diet and lifestyle of our generation, we may both get Alzheimer's. Considering our parents, chances are we would both likely get Type 2 diabetes. We may even end up being cancer-ridden for all I know.

In all honesty, I really wish to avoid scenarios where children are left resentful and leading compromised lives because they had to attend to sick, ailing parents. Not that hubs and I will shy away from the task when our parents need us, but still, it's not something you want your own children to have to worry about.

Such morbid thoughts so early in the morning, I know. But since i'm still very much sick today, I couldn't quite stop myself from pondering this sad inevitability: we will grow old.

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