Thursday, February 14, 2008

Advertisement: JustBare.Com

Sexy lingerie to fan the flames of passion, what more could be more timely, eh?

Hubby Jojo has been asking me what I wanted for Valentines. He has already requested for perfume and kidded about Baby No. 2 while I still haven't come up with a material request. So I browsed the internet and came upon which is a truly a one-stop lingerie shop for the sensual, modern woman.

Selection-wise, the site is pretty overwhelming. Everything they offer is sexy: sexy camisoles, sexy chemises, sexy gowns. They also offer baby doll lingerie (love them!), pajama sets, teddies and robes.

For the more adventurous, there are costume lingerie to choose from, including lace gloves and skirts. I am specifically hearting the 3-piece nurse costume because i've always wanted one.

The site also offers shoes in different heel heights and plus sizes (so even the preggy ones can still nurture their sensual side). Shipping is only $4.99 in the US and $14.99 overseas. That's only around P600 so it's definitely not bad for us Filipinas.

The site offers an 'Overview' button that describes each garment/lingerie in detail. You are also given a chance to choose accessories you want to add to the lingerie you want. With every transaction guaranteed to be secured, i'd be confident to shop here. I would also greatly recommend it to friends who are looking for lingerie, sexy lingerie, Plus size lingerie and everything else sexy they can think of.

But the first person i'd direct to JustBare.Com is, of course, my wonderful husband.

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