Friday, February 15, 2008

Furnishing the Home

One of our plans for this year is to move out of the apartment where we're living (that my parents own) and really make a bid for total independence.

One of the things we have to seriously allot budget for is furnishings for our new home (be it a rented apartment or a rent-to-own place or a Pag-Ibig-bought home). Because right now, we have a matress on our living area instead of a sofa and we don't even own a fridge. We don't even have proper furnishings in our dining room.

I prefer modern furniture over bulky pieces because I like clean lines and lots of room, lots of storage and colors (but not floral or paisley prints). Modern furniture are also most probably treated already so they'd last long. Because, see, i'd sure love a wooden bed frame. Another thing that would be nice is a king-sized bed so we can all be properly accommodated.

In time, when all our kids have moved out of our room, i'd like their Kids Room to have a loft.

Oh, but I also wouldn't mind having a day bed instead of a sofa, but if ever we'd finally purchase a sala set, I want it in green or orange (with red and yellow tjrow pillows).

Furnishing the home need not be super expensive if you focus on necessities and invest in really good pieces. It's finding good buys that will require research and price comparisons, however.

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