Friday, February 08, 2008

Four Richer

Our baby turned four months old yesterday. I made a cheesecake for him while my cousin cooked spaghetti and chicken nuggets.

He's already worm-crawling his way all over the bed... at the speed of light. And my heart breaks when i'm holding him and am eating something because he'd follow the food from the plate to my mouth... sometimes, he'd get so frustrated he'd also munch on his fists and moan.


On a blissful note, I thank the heavens that despite our rush to the ER some weeks ago... Yakee has so far reached four months and stayed healthy. He just keeps thriving, is very alert and active (too much so, sniff) and is always happy.

Another thing I should note... I only got to deposit Yakee's money gifts from his birth, christening and Christmas today. People might wonder why i'm even mentioning this... but I want to stress how lucky my son is.

It's not the cumulative amount he's gotten that counts (although it's pretty substantial, even for middle-class)... but the fact that his parents have absolutely more than enough that they even forgot all about his 'loot'. And that his parents can afford not to touch his money, even for his necessities.

My eyes can't help but fill with tears somehow when I think about it... because I know so many aren't as blessed. I have nieces/nephews I gift with money on special occasions because I know their parents need it to buy their milk, food for the week, tuition, or pay off debts from a recent illness that required medication or hospitalization.


And here we are, so blessed.

It's really very humbling...

And also validating... because I know this is not just all luck. We've been making good choices and it's sweet to be rewarded with good options.


Our health cards were also issued this week... another thing to make us feel rich.


The best thing about our life right now is that my husband and I are really happily married. And we really, really love our child.

So many people out there have far more wealth and economic security than what we have but aren't as rich as we are.

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