Thursday, February 07, 2008

A Chicago Wedding?

My sister went to Chicago last year and was enamored by the city. The pictures she took were also very enticing, and the city's mayor's drive to make Chicago the cleanest and greenest city in the US was also very interesting.

And then I find out that the IT head of one of hubs' company's clients is very fond of hubs. He has even indirectly invited hubs to apply for a position in their company. When I absent-mindedly related this to my sister, she grew excited and daydreamed of living with us.


But seriously, I asked my sister to try her luck in Chicago and build a life there rather than in Michigan. We got to a point where we were already pondering the possibility of her getting married there and how fun it would be to see how an outdoor Chicago wedding fares in this really windy city.

Getting ahead of ourselves, we immediately researched on Chicago weddings and where to buy the perfect bridal gown. Good thing there are sites like WeddingSource: Chicago, a one-stop vendor list of everything one might need plus links to helpful wedding articles. It's a site that internet-savvy people will really love checking and I can even help her plan her wedding through the site.

For sure, I would be very particular with the photographer she hires, as I was at my own wedding.

Sigh. Dreams, I know.

But if ever hubs pursues a job there and we migrate, maybe i'll use the site for my wedding renewal party instead. *wink*

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