Monday, February 11, 2008

The One

I asked friends to relate when and how they knew that the person they married was THE ONE.

Here is a summary of the replies I got.

Princess was brokenhearted by a previous boyfriend, who married someone else. She was devastated and got a little 'desperate'. She met her husband Rem through his brother in May 2005. They got married that same year (July) and maybe because they got married so soon after their meeting, the first years were rough and ridden with challenges. But after posing my questions to her, she's realized that NOW she really wants to spend the rest of her life with him. Love happened when they were adjusting to each other.

Pittipat met Jojo at the chistening of their best friends' first child. They were both godparents. They kept meeting and hanging out for thirteen years in numerous get-togethers with their friends before they went on a 'date'. Then they went steady. She realized Jojo had all the qualities she's been looking for in a guy, so she prayed to God to give her a sign that Jojo really was the one on their third monthsary (November 21). God answered her prayers by having Jojo ask her hand in marriage that day.

Liza initially thought her husband to have an arrogant air. But the second time they met, she realized she was wrong. She also knew then that he was the one. After several months, they eloped and have been together for 21 years.

Mel didn't think if he was the one, probably because she didn't want him to be not the one... well, it turned out he was and they got married after seven years of going steady.

Rocks met Rudolf in her Sunday Church activities and they have been friends for years before they realized that God has brought them together for a reason other than friendship. Despite the age difference and initial trials, their romance just keeps getting better because, like what Rocks said, they have the Lord.

Ting says she just knew her husband was the one. He courted her for a month and they got married six months after.

Tin also says she just always knew... Woody stayed with her through her drama with her parents and even encouraged her to make amends.

Jhen also just knew... and after seven years married the person she knows will bring the best in life for her.

Jean was also friends with the man she ended up with for years. They were high school barkadas and he lived closest to her and ended up fetching/taking her home the most. Their friendship spanned years and in between, love bloomed.

Nice also just knew... maybe it's because she was happiest with him, and he takes care of her best, and because, despite the differences in perspectives, she really loves him the most.

Lorie was also friends initially with the husband who makes her happiest. She believes it was God's will and so it was.

My friend Toni was actually going steady with someone else when she met the love of her life. And she says she cannot explain how she just knew, but she just did. Within months of meeting, she has broken up with her then BF and married Dennis. And her fairy tale of love continues.

Berns knew at the realization of a lot of daydreams: a rock concert, fireworks, holidays and the perfect kiss. They were only dating for five months but it was none too soon to know for sure. Two months later they were engaged, a month later officially bonded for life.

Mari knew the minute Gwen asked her to marry him, after nurturing their long distance relationship.

Isn't it amazing that most just knew, implying an unconscious acknowledgment that the guy just has the qualities she was looking for?

I didn't know until I was faced with the possibility of death... I got separated from my friends when in Mt. Banahaw and I was nursing a semi-sprained ankle. My buddy carried my bag for me but got scared of the GuisGuis trail and started climbing so fast, I couldn't catch up. So for a while, I was alone climbing up a stone wall, with only a crater behind me to catch my fall... I dare not even think how many meters away from the ground I was then. And I thought myself lost... without my bag. And the Banahaw fog continued enveloping me and triggering darker and darker thoughts.

So I leaned my head on the rockface and cried. While I had my eyes closed, all I could think of was how I was not able to say goodbye to Jojo before going on that climb. And how cruel it would be if I die there without telling him I loved him.

That's when I knew. Because I was not thinking of my parents. Nor the guy I was in love with for two years who was also at that climb (even after he and some others got delayed so much that we all worried). All I kept thinking about was how I didn't see him one last time... and how my death would hurt him so (so I guess I also knew that he still loves me best eventhough he was already dating someone else that time).

The years before our engagement was so riddled with trials, it's actually a wonder how we ended up together. But we did, and like my friends above, I cannot imagine a worthier guy to love everyday... or a more loving man.

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