Friday, March 07, 2008

Five and Up

My baby has been fussy, am assuming because he's teething. Or we're just in another growth spurt that's why even his sleeping habits has changed.

At five months, he is the picture of health. He is rolling like crazy so it's not news anymore to find him on the floor (from the mattress on the floor, not because he fell of the bed), but we are close to being traumatized by the many times that he'd almost hit his head on the floor or wall as he turns. Yes, we can't always follow with cushions and pillows soon enough.

He's still babbling and shrieking like crazy... and he's started opening his arms for me, or when he really prefers me, which makes Pappie a teeny bit jealous. When he wakes up crying, as if having a bad dream, only Pappie's arms (bulk?) really makes him feel safe again to go back to sleep. Or Mommy's breasts, of course.

I've also noticed that he sucks more strongly now and nurses more often during the day than before. Of course, sometimes he prefers to play more than nurse and I get really torn between getting annoyed and delighted because he'd also smile and smack his lips at me.

He loves playing, He loves being kissed to pieces and tickled to bits. He even waits for the 'rape-rape' and gets very bad-tempered when nobody's playing with him.

He's also snatching at everything he gets a hold of... phone cord, hair, food, plate, his diapers.

Our baby is still a baby but our baby is also no more. Now he's really just this growing boy. And we love him more now, if that's even possible.

sniff, look, you can't take pictures of the food anymore in the same pose... because he's really big now

And because he's a big boy now, I bought him a tub seat yesterday and used it today. He can really support his back now and seldom needs the back support of the seat. I bought him one because I need both my hands free now since he's getting really malikot.

Per his pedia's advice, we introduced solids to him for the first time. He's only really allowed one tablespoon twice a week, to introduce new textures to him and prepare him for daily feeding when he turns six months. Bought Cerelac Wheat and Soya (I think) and it was Pappie who fed him for the first time (Yikes, superstition says the baby will take after the eating habits/appetite of the one who feeds him first). Mommy was in charge of the camera, of course. And the videocam. And tears were spilling from my eyes while filming him... of course.


By the way, I cooked the pansit for my baby. And made cheesecake again because it's what hubs and cousin wants.

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