Sunday, March 09, 2008

More on Mailboxes

I know i've already posted about preferring personalized mailboxes to receive my mails someday. But I was surfing the net and chanced upon Whitehall mailboxes which look old-faashioned and romantic, very reminiscent of English mansions or French vineyards. Very nice.

Custom mailboxes are really nice, evoking whimsy and providing one other venue to express oneself. I have actually rethought what I want and a Hogwart's Express mailbox suddenly seems really nice. I'll just have each train labelled with our names (so yeah, if we have seven kids, the mailbox might end up as long as the driveway). And maybe I can have it crafted to actually issue 'choos' when mail has just been placed in it, to alert people inside that mail has arrived.

Isn't that cute? :)

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