Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I want to surprise my Mom when she gets back in July for her 60th birthday with a lush garden for our home in Lipa. I've already bought seeds and will check some seedlings out but am still wondering what planters to buy.

I can't get window box planters because we don't have window boxes there, but they would have been nice accents to our yet unpainted exterior. I want something in loud colors like the one I saw at (picture grabbed). Decorative planters would also look nice indoors, I can put some on our bar and as centerpieces on tables. I really want some mints inside the home so little dainty planters would be perfect for them. has a manufaturer that goes by the name H. Potter that specializes in bronze planters. Isn't that cute? They have hanging basket planters that would go well with MIL's orchids. For sure, they'd also intrigue Skorky the squirrel with their sheen. Oh and H. Potter's planters are water resistant so you get to keep the nice polish. Maybe i'd consider these kind of planters for our home in Lipa too.

Oh, for outdoors, I intend to plant lots of gerberas and zinnias. It would be great when May comes around and barrio folks would appreciate our garden so much, they'd come knocking for some of the flowers to offer Mama Mary during the Flores de Mayo.

Hopefuly, Mom will like what what i'd do.

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