Monday, March 10, 2008

Yakee sick

Last Saturday, hubs noticed that Yakee's diaper had some brownish something where his pee would usually go. Then after bathing, he peed on his towel and his piss was brownish color again.

We put a urine collector on him and bought him to the Intellicare clinic along UN immediately.

Turned out he has UTI. Sniff. The pedia who read the urinalysis result and checked him said she noticed that his penile opening is small and there might be a need for him to be circumcised already.

I told hubs that I want to hear the circumcision recommendation from Yakee's real pedia... and he's due for a check-up and immunization there next month. Now, Yakee is on antibiotics and thank heavens, his urine has been clear ever since that morning.

I actually believe that he doesn't have to be circumcised this early... and that the UTI happened because he's so malikot and pooping doesn't stop him from rolling over. But now I wash him like one with OC.

And he still has yet to get a fever.

And he remained active... even engaging all the people at Intellicare with his smiles.


Thank heavens for health cards. And breastmilk. And the fact that it's not hard to give him his medicine.

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