Thursday, April 24, 2008

Because I'm Now a Mom

My nephew turned a month old today so I bought a cake for him and we went to their house for merienda. Ice is having a bad case of heat rash which really kind of makes him look disfigured. But he seems to be responding to breast milk applied directly on the rash.

Anyway, because I am now a Mom, all I could really see when I look at him is the true angel that he is. He is just beautiful, sensitive skin and all. But I know how easily he might dismay others, and for a while, I realized how adults who have, or love, especially-challenged kids might feel.

It's true what Marj said before, that once you become a mother, every child you see will have your child's face... their future will be the one you see, wish for, and pray for your own.

And because i'm a Mom now, I realized I am also more aware, and therefore more careful, about passing judgment and comments on someone else's child. Because parents are a protective breed, and such is our love for our young that we would never appreciate him being reduced to a negative label.

But I did tell my SIL and brother that I hoped they also know that Ice is in his ugly phase right now... the first two months of a child's life is probably the ugliest, when he has yet to fill his skin, and his skin peels, and his hair falls, and his entire face decides how it will really look like. That doesn't make my nephew any less beautiful though. And my sister and I often joke about it, how we'd gush over infants and then, several moths later, look at their pictures from infancy and wonder what we were gushing about.


I digressed.

I'm a Mom now. Every child now for me is a gift, a wonder, a blessing, a promise, my own.

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