Friday, April 25, 2008


When hubs and I were in Bataan, most of the single ones partied every night. One time, hubs excused himself from the group and he was asked if he was coming back. He said no. His friend said something like. "Duh, as if you're the one breastfeeding" (rough translation)

I know hubs gets that a lot, jibes about him being uxorious (ander de saya), which is such a no-no for the male-dominated Filipino society. But he doesn't mind because, as he told me, he loves taking care of me, he loves being with me, and he loves taking care of Yakee. (I know, good answer!)

I sort of mind. And mainly because the thought that my husband is being perceived as a lesser man. But then again, only those who do not have families, or do not care much about their families (husbands not helping out, husbands making more messes for the wife to clean, adulterous husbands, fathers who miss plays and games, etc) will see him as such. And so i'm glad that he knows not to be bothered by those people whose opinion really do not matter.

And I know, I do get my way most of the time. But I like to think I am not a wife lacking consideration and love. Hubs is just more patient and tolerant really. And ever since, he loves showering me with attention. Also, ever since, i've made it clear for him that I married a little late so that I wouldn't feel I missed being single, and that am hoping my spouse would feel the same. Seriously, marriages and families seldom get in trouble if they have quantity time to be a married couple, to be a family.

Besides, I also like to believe that hubs and I talk, not just about the everyday mundane things, but the important issues about our marriage and family. We may have a long way to go where communication is concerned but this home isn't being run by just one person.

And woe to the man whose wife will never sing praises about him, praises he will deserve.


ux·o·ri·ous ( P ) Pronunciation Key (k-sôr-s, -sr-, g-zôr-, -zr-)
adj. Excessively submissive or devoted to one's wife.


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