Tuesday, September 09, 2008

11 Months so 1 Month More


One more month and we'd have a one-year old in our hands. Already, he's developing in leaps and bounds, it's already hard to track all the little things he's learned for the day.

He still stumbles and falls a lot, but all of those hasn't deterred him from moving forward. Unlike other kids, he's not scared to explore his surroundings. And unless it's hot, he's sleepy or hungry, he's still always all smiles and mischief.

the monkey kids bonded over the weekend

Yakee and Ice doing their own stuff, one is engrossed with the TV (and taking all his toys away from Ice's reach) and Ice just learning to roll over

Last night, at a wedding, he initiated the sign language for milk. He also ate a rose. It could have been worse, he could have found a pin again (like last Saturday night, in his father's old luggage bag).

One of her ninangs calls her ROBOT KID because of the way he toddles over. But he's really gotten the hang of walking plus climbing up and down the stairs. He's actually started his first attempts at running.

He's already learned to say NO using his head.

And i'm finding it harder to leave him behind in other people's care... they're giving up on him. Hubby's siblings return him in our arms in no time, and my cousin throws tantrums when I leave him with her for hours. Hehe. Handful and spirited really do not do him justice.

We really love him so. He really makes us feel blessed. And there's nothing we want for him but the best...

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