Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Monkey Kids

BIL coined the term for them. I still haven't posted their pics from BIL's pamamanhikan last June (when we all bonded and had fun at Fontana) and their pics last July (when we bonded for my SIL's birthday).

Well... we'd all be bonding again this coming weekend for Yakee's 11th month bday. Good luck with Momsy's house again!!!

The two girls are like boys when it comes to messing things up... and my son pretty much learns fast, not just in wreaking havoc, but in annoying them by wanting the same things they're playing with. Being the youngest, he's realized he can get his way in the end.

It's also a nightmare getting them to settle down, esply since all three families sleep in the same room at MIL's.

But I doubt any of us would exchange it for the world... the cousins are having fun, and enjoying being kids together!

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