Tuesday, September 02, 2008

On Future Eulogies

Hubs' family was shaken with the bad news that one of their father's friends has passed away. Their friendship goes back around forty years and their kids grew up together and all.

We even spent last Holy Week with them in Bataan.

Anyway, Tito Rusty was cremated last Sunday and his son said in his eulogy that before, he thought that if he'd only be half the man his father was, then he'd give his father justice. But now he's realized that he should aspire to be the same or more of the man his father was because to only be half wouldn't be doing his father justice.

As I sat there listening, I realized that I want my kids to say only one thing when their father passes away (lolz, I know, morbid talk again as am still enjoying Pappie Jojo alive). I want our kids to say, "Our father loved our Mom", mainly because I want hubs to love only me (loving our kids would only be his love for me overflowing).

Hubs told me later that he wants people to say "He's a good husband and father" and for there to be no doubt in anybody's mind about it. I assured him that he's already accomplished that... that he need not even fear that he's not because he really is. I am actually more concerned that people cannot say that yet about me. I am still too short-tempered and impatient and intolerant.

But really, I hope that before I die, I do get to accomplish that... be a good wife and Mom, not just for my family, but in other people's eyes as well.

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