Sunday, September 14, 2008

Party Planning Updates

And so, I cram.

So far, I have really only booked the venue, the photographer, the caterer and the cake. And yes, we've bought the giveaways as early as June. And true, we're getting Jacque to make the balloon decor since she's invited to the party anyway.

But other than these things, nada.

But I am planning to book our entertainment, sound system and ice cream supplier within the week, as well as buy the materials needed for my son's costume. The invites? I'm still torn as to what form it will take (scroll, Daily Prophet paper, generic invite, digiscrapped invite, etc). I also cannot make my mind up yet on what to put on the tarp. And I don't have money anymore for the guest book idea I wanted.

(oh, we have the secret ingredient to the drinks we're serving too, thanks to future SIL)

Re the cake... we just opted for a cheaper sheet cake from Red Ribbon but we're ordering an Alex Franco cake we'd enjoy on Yakee's real birthday. Hehe.

So as not to go way over budget, I am forgoing the sandwich station already (so yeah, the guests will miss my yummy spreads) to keep the dessert bar. And we're turning to local party suppliers (in the South) instead of importing from QC to avoid the extra charges.

Thanks to my parents, the candies have started arriving which i'll just repack.

I still need to buy prizes though.

And Jacque and I really have to tresh out the decor issue because our venue is sporting a new coat of paint, and decor guidelines aren't out yet.

Meanwhile, SIL is already decorating the caps our ninang sent for Yakee's birthday. It's not in motif but I think the kids will like it anyway.

Oh and now, I am also rationalizing our guest list. It's really a max of 100 adults and 30 kids. But things have started to look up, because it seems Yakee will have a wonderful party after all :)

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