Monday, September 15, 2008

Weather Talk

It is hot again, which reminds me of the Bell House in Camp John Hay , where Electric Fires can be found in every bedroom. Or they could be gas fires, I really did not check with the guide. Anyway, I cannot help but miss the Baguio climate in times like these, although the heat is a reprieve from several days of rains really.

I heard they are building an exclusive village at Camp John Hay. Too bad, really, since they'd be cutting down pine trees which would result in a warmer climate over there. It's already hard to imagine that Baguio used to really require fireplaces because zero degree temperatures was the norm there before.

And then I think of my parents in Michigan, and how September must have heralded the beginning of autumn there. And then, winter will follow, and they would be trapped again by heavy snow. And then I start worrying about how they're keeping warm, of their furnaces and heaters and whether these are working just fine, and that they're not getting sick because of the cold.

I have not asked my parents yet if they actually use their fireplace or utilize centralize heating instead. I'm also not sure if, a leading fireplace manufacturer in the United Kingdom, has some sort of counterpart in Detroit which services the care home where my parents stay.

I actually don't know much about fireplaces (except maybe the crude assumption that you just throw in logs into one, and there had better be a chimney where the smoke can come out) and don't really know how such can work without spreading soot in one's home. I just came across while browsing the net one time and was intrigued by its prize match guarantee. Well, maybe I should ask my uncle (who is on a renovating frenzy) if he is planning to replace the gas fires in his home. Maybe I could direct him to the Hotprice site so he'd at least be guided?

And then I smile when I try to imagine the british royals stoking their own fire, which of course they wouldn't ever do because somebody is sure to have that job already.

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