Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Pool and Patio Someday

Since I was recently on the topic of our dream home, and since we all fell into daydreaming if we ever won the lotto, allow me the silly delight of expounding on the dream.

Maybe because summer is sort of here already, and Yakee does love the water so I couldn't help but daydream about patio furniture and an Olympic-sized pool in our backyard.

Scouring the net, I saw Todays Swim and Patio offering patio umbrellas and wicker furniture in all shapes and sizes, as well as all design possibilities. I did not even know that umbrellas come in different finishes.

The site also offers outdoor heating options, lighting and automatic pool cleaners. That would surely get us maximizing the use of a pool without worrying about the hassle of cleaning it, or getting someone to clean it for us.

And wouldn't it be great indeed to be able to harness our tropical clime and have a sort of courtyard going on by the pool with the help of luxurious patio furniture? That way, the area can also be used to entertain guests or for some romantic dining experience right at your own home. And I guess the site offering a lot of deep seating options an only mean one thing: deep seating makes you more relaxed and comfy.

Well, there will be other lotto big pots I can bet on. Or maybe, we'd strike gold another way and get to see our kids having playdates in a pool, while us Moms enjoy baked goodies and canapes in sunken seats. Now at least I know where to look and order from. Hehe.

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