Sunday, March 01, 2009

When Genes Bite

Yakee has allergic conjunctivitis. After three days of oral and opthal antihistamines, his eyes are not as watery anymore. Plus, he's been housebound, of course, which am sure helped.

I asked MIL if hubs (or any of hubs' siblings) ever suffered from the same, in an attempt to gauge how our allergic history can be affecting Yakee. True enough, MIL informed me that not only did her kids suffer from the same, their Arevalo cousins did too. Apparently, childhood asthma, skin allergies and allergic conjunctivitis is strong in the Arevalo line (aside from other illnesses too).

Needless to say, i'm a little more than rattled. In a way, I realized yet again just how much we bring into our children's lives. We give him our ancestry, the good and the bad of it. And although we can minimize the impact of bad genes and unhealthy lifestyles and secret family scandals in our kids, there are some things that will not be denied.

Good thing we're in a position to breastfeed exclusively, otherwise, who knows how much more trips i'd have taken to the doctor's. Good thing we can afford hygiene and sanitation and overall good health and nutrition for our son.

I'm just worried though that Yakee might develop asthma too. And I really shouldn't be that worried, after all, hubs had it and he was fine. But am worried. Am worried I might not see other telltale signs, that I might not act quickly enough, etc.


And Yakee keeps getting weird insect bites which drives me lunatic in sweeping and cleaning and disinfecting again!


I love that MIL, for all her forgetfulness, was a SAHM too, who invested so much of her into her children. It's great that I can verify such health histories from her to guide me in raising my son.

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