Monday, March 09, 2009

What Couch Potatoes Want

When hubs and I spend weekends at MIL's, we usually get stuck in front of the TV in the second living room, where at least three electric fans cool us as we live the life of couch potatoes. The kids get chased by Yaya and Yaya, SIL and MIL will alternate trying to get us to eat. We actually need more bean bag chairs there to accommodate more of us (esply since hubs invariably ends up hogging a sofa).

Of course, given the age of the kids (1, 3 and 4), we may need leather bean bags to accommodate the spills they make. We may also need outdoor bean bags for MIL's garden (or would they be more perfect at their resthouse in Marinduque?) to enjoy some of the afternoon breeze and maybe get away from the heat of the kitchen while SIL bakes the goodies that we love so much (that are making us fat).

Just lounging and eating ice cream, what could be better in this heat?

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