Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Boracay Bonding

Hubs wasn't really that excited about going to Boracay because he's been there once (with me) and i've been there twice. But I argued that it's the perfect beach for Yakee to play in because the water doesn't really get that cold and the sand is very fine. Plus, we'd have the luxury of dining options.

And so we planned the trip...or rather, I did. Hubs was also not so0 sure about going in July but I said we'd save money over the off-peak rates.

Well, like what i've already said in my previous post, our trip turned out to be mostly rainy. But we still generally had fun. And the rain would usually let up enough to let us have fun at the beach.

We went on an island hopping tour last Friday but it was cut short because the rains wouldn't let up and everybody was soaking wet on the motor boat... and cold too, from all the wind and rain.

Now, a summary with pictures :)

the delayed flight to Kalibo gave Yakee a lot of
playing time at the airport playroom

the bus ride to Caticlan was uneventful

Yakee got to ride plane, bus and fastcraft all in one day

our room at White Beach de Boracay

Yakee enjoying the beach

my boys getting my frappe and brownie

happy Mommy din

milestone moment... Yakee's first cave (Cave 1 at Crystal Cove)

a very relaxed Pappie

lots of sweet bonding moments

Despite the hassle of being stranded in Kalibo... we were already talking of what things we'd do differently when we return to Boracay again someday... like bringing someone else along so Pappie and I can go on a date at night, and eating at D'Talipapa more (and not at the paluto ones), etc. Pappie and I were also talking about other places to see and half-planning where we'd go for my (and Yakee's) birthday celebration in October.

Pappie paid dearly for this vacation because he had to catch up with work and cram his certification review. But everything was worth the delight in our son's eyes. And six days of togetherness was just pure bliss, even in the midst of astorm at sea.

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