Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hard to Dote

I don't know what it is with bookstores recently but hubby and I have been scouring Booksale and National Bookstore for chidren's books with musical instruments for Yakee (because I'm sick of 'Charlie Bird Counts to the Beat' and 'Ang Mahiwang Biyulin', having to read them 2-3 times each night) but we cannot find anything at all. There are lots of books on going to school, going potty, going to the beach, playing and dinosaurs and trucks but no musical instruments book.

We've already bought him flash cards and an instrument chart. And we're on the hunt for a copy of 'Bravo, Amelia Bedelia' because Yakee would love it for having two of his favorite things: Amelia Bedelia and musical instruments.

Hopefully, the Manila Book Fair will yield more books for us. I'm thankful that Pappie is very supportive of Mommy and Yakee's love for books.

We also managed to buy him his sturdiest play drum yet. That's his third in a year!

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