Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Christmas Gift

We have a desktop PC here, one which we bought with my midyear bonus that first year we got married. This is basically MY PC because hubs has an office-issued laptop to use. And then, at one point, he had two PCs because he also had an Acer netbook.

But he sold the netbook just two months ago to his sister, because she was going to Dubai and it was imperative she could contact us readily.

I have had two other laptops during, laptops that were built from old model scraps from hubby's office. Mostly, it was so I can also go online upstairs if I want to, without leaving a sleeping Yakee behind. The last one even had to be glued to a bookend so that the monitor will stay open. They were that scrapped. But it's really okay since I have the desktop.

Recently however, I decided to put more effort into earning online. However, the laptop wouldn't even open anymore. Pappie could attempt to scrap something up for me again but they'd always have their limitations. And I couldn't bring them when I go out. And if we're planning to spend about a week at my in-laws, having to be online might pose a problem.

Hubs has often teased me about buying me a netbook already but I have never felt the expense to be justified. It was simply a nice-to-have. Plus, we're trying to save for a new home!

Anyway, last night, around past 1 AM, he came home bearing this: an MSi U200. It's a 12-inch netbook-like laptop. Its keys are big, screen is big, has Intel Penryn ULV SFF 723 processor under the hood as well as a 1,366 x 768 resolution 12″ display, integrated Intel GMA4500M graphics, 2GB RAM, 250GB HDD, Bluetooth and 802.11b/g/n wireless connectivity.

Official Name: R.A.B.

Yes, we're still Potterheads. And only Potterheads will know that R.A.B. stood for Regulus (hubs pronounced it as REGALOs) Arcturus Black when I asked why the lappy was named R.A.B. :)

So I did the only things I could do... thank him and cry. I really felt undeserving of the gift because I wasn't earning money and he was already breaking his back working to provide for us. But if the gift wasn't sweet enough, his words were even sweeter. Something along the lines of, "my other friends are being gifted with such luxuries as well because their husbands love them, why should we be different, after all, he loves me?"

Am guessing this also doubles as Anniversary gift (going on 4th!). Oh, and my MSi U200 came with lots of freebies: a case, thumb drive, mouse, and earphone/mic set. I'm really all set. And hubby is working hard installing all the usual programs in it as I type so I can use it already.

Happiness isn't in the fact that I got such a grand gift, since he's already given me a DSLR (Hedwig) and underwater cam (Gabrielle)... plus the many trips we've taken and the regular pasalubongs. Happiness lies in the fact that hubby shows his love, not just in buying things for me, but in other ways as well. This is just a really grand gesture worth tears of appreciation.

Thank you Pappie. Thank you for making my Christmas merrier.


I asked hubs what if I don't earn more in the coming months, even with RAB. He reminded me that he didn't buy it for me hoping i'd earn. He bought it for me just because.

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