Monday, December 07, 2009

Despedida - Christmas Party - Inggit Fest In One

One of hubby's DDU (Dirty Dozen Unlimited, high school barkada) friends is moving to the States with his family. So we all agreed to have a potluck something at their home in Ayala, Alabang. It was also swimming party for the kiddos.

Well, the kids had a great time but they all ended up shireing in the pool because of the cold December air. And hubs and I fell in love with the spaghetti from Makati Supermarket (?). And the kids enjoyed opening up their gifts. And we were a little envious for not being pregnant (because 4 of the wives were). See, we generally get preggy in batches... All in all, it was a great bonding time and I really hope it will remain a tradition for them/us. I'd love for our kids to grow up together (and hopefully never date each other) and consider each other as cousins.

daddies and babies (Sabine, Zak and Yakee are all 2 year olds)

Zak, shy at the start

daddies kept asking their charges if they want
to get off the water na, hehe

Katrisse (also 2 years old)

Nicole, the 'leader' of the DDU Jr tribe

all preggos, all giving birth within 6 months
of each other :)

while taking about Word World, of all topics

Poker night ended before 8 PM for these dads

Sabine in her pretty smile

held hostage by the big TV

everybody got tired jumping to the 3 Steps song
of Special Agent Oso

Yakee overwhelmed by the noise

We wish Adrian, Karla, Elissa and Katrisse lots of fun in the US... and may their latest addition be as lovely and lovable as the first two.

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