Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dreams of Our Own Home

I was telling Plurk Moms just the other day that should have been a loving-loving x-rated moment between hubs and I turned into a musing of sorts over the where and how of getting our own home.


My mind often takes me to that really nice house we saw with that small yard and all this space and possibly mira showers in each of the three bedrooms upstairs. Why not, there ARE cheap mira electric showers after all!

The place also had a maid's room with its own bathroom and there's a powder room just under the stairs for guests. So yeah, it was a plumbing wonder, hehe. I could almost see myself planting my own moringga tree and playing hopscotch with my son in its garage.


But realistically, we don't need that much space yet. The most we need is a two-bedroom place with a garage. And if we stay somewhere with a nearby park, Yakee will still have something green to go to and enjoy. And we could probably look at discounted mira showers and get one for ourselves, if that was so important to me. Then again, keeping up with our toddler has greatly reduced our showering time so we may never get around to doing it.

But I do really want our own place soon.

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