Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dreaming of One Tagaytay Place

One Tagaytay Place is holding a blog contest right now. Prices up for grabs are overnight stays in their beautiful hotel complete with pampering and dining, for either a romantic getaway or family affair.

Now, I'd sure love to win the second prize (family getaway). To the question "What do you think sets ONE TAGAYTAY apart from the rest of the hotels in Tagaytay in terms of bonding together with family or friends?" I would have to answer in this way:

We don't have funds for nice trips right now as I am pregnant with our second child. This means that we're saving up for my delivery and all the changes and challenges a new child will bring to our family. But I'd sure love one last getaway with the family, with my son (though he's only two) and cousin (who helps me take care of my son) tagging along with husband and I. Maybe we can even bargain to pay my son's way and have my mother-in-law come along to make the foursome. It will be our last hurrah before everything changes again. The ambience One Tagaytay Place offers is already reprieve enough from the summer heat and our everyday routine. Plus, the luxury of just lounging at their poolside and enjoying the view, while maybe watching our tot enjoy the infinity pool, is sure to be pure bliss. And because I love my husband, cousin and MIL so much, the treat of a massage with them is surely one of the best gifts ever! I am sure their spa won't disappoint and it could be our Mother's Day and advanced Father's Day treat as well.

Plus, Tagaytay is so accessible, it would be a dream to have a blessed getaway that's only two or so hours away!

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