Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Our Laiya Trip

It was one of those semi-impromptu beach trips we really didn't think through. We didn't book anything nor really researched anything. Plus, it came on the heels of just having found out we're pregnant.

Laiya resorts were all fully booked and Laiya waters were teeming with people. The water is still clean but it was far from pristine, what with fellow vacationers eating on the beach and throwing wrappers and litter just anywhere.

We settled on hooking up with one of those barkers along the road who took us to Barangay Hugom where we rented a room. The room was air-conditioned and clean enough but very spartan as well. It cost us P3,000 for overnight use. We also had to make do with the carinderias available nearby.

My mood then vaccilated between okay and not, so hubs really had to take care of both Yakee and me. I also mostly stayed in the room and tried to sleep. And it was the only trip we took that I didn't even take out Hedwig. Talk about very few pictures.

It also didn't help that the heat was so bad going there that even Yakee hurled. It was only supposed to be a day trip but I told hubs I couldn't take more of the road either.

But however stressful it ended (because Yakee and I also ended up with bad colds after), the important thing is Yakee had fun and we bonded as a family.

Hopefully we could have some more before Yamee comes out.

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