Thursday, April 08, 2010

Officially Expecting

It's not like it's a secret anymore.

We found out last March 30 and hubs itched to Tweet about it even before we have confirmed with doctors.

Anyway, allow me to backtrack a little.

We never really 'planned' our family or 'spaced' our kids. I had a difficult pregnancy and felt that the older I get, the more difficult it may be for me. So there wasn't any contraception being used aside from Yakee sleeping between us.

Then it got to a point that I really, really want to get pregnant already and would get depressed every time a period comes even with a belief that breastfeeding was really working for us as a natural means of contraception.

I officially weaned last February 14 and told myself that i'd start getting antsy again if I don't get pregnant two months after weaning. I figured my body would need a month or so to adjust to the new state of things.

So when my period didn't come last March 14, I didn't care.

Even during the last week of March, when I have been feeling different things, I just chalked it up to PMS. But I decided on the home pregnancy test last March 30 because I wanted to be sure when I go to the doctor the following day.

Just a second or two after the urine droplets hit the stick, I saw the first line and KNEW there would be a second one. I started shaking, laughing, sobbing even while still seated on the throne.

I gave myself a minute to enjoy this secret knowledge before bursting out and crying in Pappie's arms while showing him the stick. He was super thrilled too. We couldn't believe it.


Unfortunately for us, I am more sensitive last week and Yakee must have felt the change because he started acting up. But we've managed to survive. We're still struggling with all the implications... not just the major expense for the delivery, but all the changes, all the additional responsibilities, the dynamics that will change, the excitement over the hope it could be a girl, the wondering how this one would look like and be like, the anxiety over how we can help Yakee accept Yamee with grace...

And then, both Yakee and I are now sick. It could have been worse and I am thankful that Yakee is still a hyper boy, that I have help, and that Pappie is rising up to the new challenges.


We are blessed and are thankful. A better BEST is yet to come for us indeed. And we really already love Yamee to pieces... perfect proof that love only multiplies, not divided.

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Marj and Carlos said...

Congratulations second time mommy!