Friday, May 21, 2010

Marinduque Trip 2010

I really should blog about the horrible weeks before this trip first but I am not really in the mood to write. We almost didn't go on this trip because I was weak (mostly from the heat and nausea) and Yakee was sick. We did secure a go signal from a pedia first before we went and true enough, the fresh air did our son good. He was fever-free after two days there and we also had a hilot in to chase the illness further away. It helped that Yakee was such a trooper with all the medicines he had to take. He even bore the eye ointment well.

So here's our trip in pictures, with some notes...

Yakee wanted to ride a boat days before the trip
after being told that his cousin Iya is travelling
to Marinduque via boat. But he was still happy about
the plane ride.

His eyes are still puffed from the adenovirus that
the pedia suspected hit him. And because he's drugged
and we woke him up early, he fell asleep on his own
during the 30-minute plane ride. It was bittersweet
having our son take his own plane seat. Big boy na!

The sea breeze did me good... I was able to eat really well in Marinduque, at first scaring Pappie that I might just barf them all out. I didn't eat all the food shown here but suffice it to say, I enjoyed my first feast since March. I basically ate two breakfasts everyday, hehe.

big squid SIL had to fillet thinly for barbecuing

forgot to take a pic of the finished product. That one
squid was good for two barbecued meals!

kagang bought from the marketplace

a pot full of BIL's sukiyaki

part of my breakfast everyday, with sunny side up eggs

Pappie's fave breakfast

katang, crabs I feasted on

the balimbing only cost 50 cents, hehe

really delish fish fingers (the freshest dory ever)

the true reason they travelled 1.5 hours away to Poctoy
is to enjoy halo-halo by the beach

First thing Yakee did was play in the sand. We allowed him to go swimming that Friday afternoon but he got cold too soon and started shivering so we banned him from swimming for the next two days. He had to content himself with sand, chick and frogs and just roaming about the place but he was very cooperative about the no-swimming thing.

before he started shivering that first day

Iya and Yakee in the hammock with Angel

Yakee enjoying the worn hammock that Pappie replaced

Yakee with the hilot on our bed (we always 'camp'
in the living room to fully enjoy the sea breeze

last day there, first time Yakee asked for food. Good thing
MIL had cereals so Yakee was happy.

Yakee sleeping at the back of the car on their
way to Poctoy

ulikba kids enjoying Poctoy sand

back at the back of the car again

that's a frog in the plastic... it later hopped onto
Yakee but my son was never truly scared of such... to
him, they're playmates!

he insisted on diving and being under water

wearing a lifevest only made him
dive more

he loved blowing water out of these tubes

Yakee wasn't the only one that had fun though. I mostly just lounged in the hammock or laid in bed. I finished a Readers Digest and the novel, Lost World while there. We also watched a marathon of Ghost Hunters, NCIS and well, Yakee's vids. Pappie also caught up on much-needed sleep. SIL and BIL made a career out of cooking. Not in the pictures was the really delectable macaroni soup and the nilagang baka as well as the ice cream we enjoyed. It was a mix of local food and Manila fare in a beach setting, which made all of us eat more.

Pappie lounging at the new nipa shade MIL had built by the beach,
in case we wanted to hang out there at night and to
stow beach towels in

fishermen walking to and fro catching bangus fingerlings

see how rested I looked?

the kiddie tree house which Yakee loves in the mornings
for all the ants moving about. He'd tell them 'sorry' if he
accidentally brushes their line.

the newer house where MIL sleeps and Yakee
plays with the fish drum

the kids bored with the boat ride to Gaspar Island

the sand bar at Gaspar Island (we couldn't dock at the other side
'coz of the waves)

Momsy's FB shot, hehe

they look alike no? hehe

the trees that keep the place cool and private

SIL's family, belated happy birthday to BIL

feeding fish at Gaspar island

happy family

Momsy's happy kids and happier grandkids

Mt. Malindig (?) as background

kids living at Gaspar island, unafraid of the
crashing waves

Bellaroca at Elephant island

SIL's family has basically committed to making it a yearly thing, having BIL celebrate his birthday there. I have already asked Pappie if we could go ahead of him next year, though am not quite sure how i'd handle Yakee and a baby. But it's great looking forward to that already. I intend to book our flights by December this year to get great fare deals.

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