Wednesday, May 26, 2010


One of the conversations I had with my sister-in-law and mother-in-law while in Marinduque was about our involved husbands. See, SIL could call upon her hubby to assit their daughter while pooping and Pappie was the one cajoling Yakee to eat. MIL told us we were lucky because FIL wasn't like that at all. He played the provider role to the hilt but wasn't very nurturing.

MIL repeated it again another day and I told him that all her nurturing resulted in sons who were nurturing as well. See, my BIL and Pappie both couldn't be depended on over household chores but both are pretty involved with the rearing of their kids. Both BIL and Pappie play with their kids. BIL would even do assignments with his daughter. Pappie, no matter how tired he is or how much work left he has to do at home, will not deny Yakee when our son insists that he wants Pappie to read to him.

I think MIL was glad to realize that and she did acknowledge that maybe her kids did appreciate all her hands-on nurturing after all. Being a SAHM can sometimes really feel like a thankless job, and I think few parents ever realize how well and fully they influence their children.

Well, Momsy, you raised slobs for sons but they're still mighty fine husbands and fathers. And that's what counts. Plus, SIL did find herself an involved hubby as well.

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